A Helpful Blog – MOOP

By May 11, 2014Camp

MOOP is magical!

That mysterious stuff we all collect, but never create! When we see it, no one knows where it came from, but we all know how special it is when it crosses our path.

Collect it!

Collect it and find it a forever home! Orphaned MOOP is truly one of the saddest things for a Burner to see, and much like a lost puppy, you aren’t human if you don’t want to somehow help the little guy find their spot in society.

Lots of MOOP has residual value just waiting to be discovered and shared for the benefit of everyone! When MOOP finds a forever home it’s better for everyone on the planet, we swear our lives on it. If it’s plastic, there is a camp for that. Aluminum? There is totally a camp for that too!

If after much searching you can’t find a proper home for a discovered bit of MOOP, then it gets to go home and live with you.

MOOP is like a diamond. Everyone loves diamonds, and when you see MOOP on the playa or anywhere on the planet really, it should get the same jaw dropping attention you give a well polished gem. You wouldn’t drop or lose track of a diamond would you? Well, the same goes for MOOP. Crumple it up, find a little corner of a pocket to stow it in, and treasure the fact that you were the lucky one gifted with an opportunity to make the whole planet a better place.

In 2014 Bejan will be the camp’s point of contact for MOOPing, which is the most fun activity known to man. You get to hone many personal and deductive reasoning skills, and can be officially awarded and promoted to the status of Burner Who Greens, a distinct honor bestowed on those who diligently collect and rid the world of MOOP!

(Officially, MOOP stands for Matter Out Of Place. We and every human should have a “never let it touch the ground” policy from birth!)