And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Elliot

Everyone on the planet should experience Burning Man and get the opportunity to create their own culture; it's unforgettable.


The question is how immediately are you going to say yes to no matter what unpredictability?

John Cage

Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND… Art Support Camp Located at F & 4:45

Fire In Balance is an LA based Burning Man theme camp centered around enhancing the Burning Man experience through the contribution of art.  Our goal is to create a fun & creative setting both on Playa and off.  We are a band of diverse individuals, coming together to support a common goal… Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND.

Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND

The Crew

In this amazingly diverse community, we have the shared collective power we need to get the job done. From it’s inception the spirit of this crew is to offer our individual talents, to share our skills and teach each other to make the group stronger and more capable.   This will truly manifest magic through the installation we are collaboratively creating.  There are things to do for everyone, and every task and person is important.  All of us on the crew will participate at whatever they feel comfortable doing and are invited and encouraged take risks, to learn new skills and push their own boundaries.  We are all more capable than we imagine when given the opportunity to try.  The energy and generosity of these members are fueling our passion to creating this amazing piece, Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND.

What We Are Creating

What We Offer

What We Stand For

What We Accept