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By May 11, 2014Helpful

A Helpful Blog

Dearest veterans and virgins, Burners and friends of all minds and sizes – welcome to Helpful’s Blog! Here you will find fun ideas to aid your on-playa experience, and hopefully inspire a few off-playa adventures as well!

Topics like, personal protection from the elements, and building a bitchin’ light signature to keep you safe as you roam the night by bicycle. Other things like recommendations on the best overnight digs, and hydration options to keep you going will also be posted here for your perusing as we all prepare to embark on this year’s pilgrimage to the Playa.

We’ll be flying in experts from all over the universe to contribute on topics of special interest – so please – do send in any questions that come to mind! No topic is too taboo or too tame to tackle. For instance, we’ll also be consulting some of our physician friends on tips for keeping hydrated and healthy in a harsh environment.

Most of all, my hope is that everyone enjoy what they read, and that these posts might offer an interesting and entertaining new perspective on the topic covered. With any luck, you will be motivated to find better answers for your own open questions, and will remember to share what you find if a result might not be perfect for you, but could help or entertain a friend.

Finally, and in closing of this opening, one saying I for certain found to be true and hope to embody is, ‘The Playa provides.’ No matter your question or need, always be sure to share the universe with the intention to have the best outcome be the one that finds you. I and your fellow campers will always support you finding that most excellent result here and anywhere that you genuinely seek it.

Bring on the dust!

Little Miss Helpful