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Protecting and promoting the senses: Eye protection

We all have eyeballs, but for me, as a glasses-wearing human, finding the right goggles to protect my peepers at Burning Man (and fit over my glasses,) is a complicated process. Some people go with creative or fantasy-like masks where the sky is the limit for styles and options, though they do little for protection from the dust, but others wear nothing at all, and since that would make for a really short entry (wouldn’t it?), the name of the game today is goggles.

Sun, wind, heat, and dust are the major reasons everyone will want to consider a pair of goggles for personal peeper protection (along with hat and/or bandanna/scarf, plus eye drops, all of which will be discussed at a later date). Of the results below, some goggles combined various types of gear, resulting in a more hands-free experience, which reminded me of all our grass roots producers in the Playa Surfer camp (see the last two links). Let that be a lesson that your perfect pair are out there, and that you should put out a little effort to consider your personal needs if you plan to bring and retain this particular accessory all week.

In my opinion, and because of the glasses, nothing beats trying things on in person. For that, I visit the shops around town listed below, until I find a style that is comfortable and functional, then I might move on-line to settle on a vendor and price. Some recent research to price the models I liked yielded even more fun styles, so I’ve compiled a little list for your enjoyment, and to inspire your own search.

If you are not sure where to start, do a keyword or subject based search on what speaks to your vision (pun intended) for the best-ever eye-wear. Use terms like metal rim, reflective, old timey, polarized lens, ski goggle, air-tight, steampunk, embedded camera, changeable lenses, post-apocalypse, weather face mask, or eye protection.

Lastly, fear not if they look a little plain on arrival and you do not feel completely self-expressed. Simply, gather up all your broken watch parts, bits of string and leather, glue, loose buttons, non-toxic paint, and other symbolic do-dads, and join us for an upcoming arts-and-crafts workday, mid-summer so you can personalize your peeper protectors to your particular preferred perfection!

Shops around town: Second-hand sporting goods and costume stores (call them first to check in-stock items), Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Army Surplus, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Hardware Stores, and for masks the Wicked Chamber in Newport/Costa Mesa, because we asked them to carry just a few more men’s masks – and they bought tons! Yay!

A few on-line choices (search ‘Goggle’ on each site below to see their full product range)

Check out Wickedheart for amazing, custom made goggles and other Burner goodies!

Inexpensive, simple, anti-fog lens:  http://www.adorama.com/EVGG30GAF.html

Low cost, steampunk aviators:  http://costumes.j4outlet.net/Steampunk-Aviator-Goggles_i119849

Dark lens, white faux-fur lined, steampunk http://www.costumecraze.com/GLAS38.html

Chrome/black, steampunk aviator: http://www.righttoolusa.com/p/Aviation-Design-Smoke-Lens-Chrome-Frame-UV-Protect-Biker-Eye-Protect-Motorcycle-Motorbike-ATV-Bike-Bicycle-Half-Helmet-Face-Mask-Head-Band-Goggle-Sunglasses-2714697.html

Well priced, snowboard style, tinted face: http://www.opticsplanet.com/bolle-mojo-snow-ski-goggles.html

Medium-tier, ski style, clear face: http://www.indysuperbike.com/customer/product.php?productid=679034&cat=0&page=2

Very cool, white, 5MP Camcorder, ski style: http://www.ankaka.com/720p-hd-5mp-skiing-snow-goggles-dvr-camcorder-for-outdoor-ski-sports_p49215.html

Top of the line, with built-in camera: http://www.royaldiscount.com/Deals+Bin/Impact+Series+Goggle+with+720p+HD+Camera+%28Black%29.html

Hope this helps get you started!