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Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND

This summer Fire in Balance will return to the Playa with its mysterious, engaging aesthetic, creating an immersive environment for people to gather and witness the unique phenomenon of inverted fire.  Many of you have shared magical moments under the seductive glow of Fire in Balance, we promise you something new with this year’s piece, Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND!

Our amazing crew of scientists, artists and pyromaniacs have developed a new design to deliver even more fire, in extraordinary ways. Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND is circular, creating a gentle vortex of fire in the ceiling. This massive piece spans 45’ across and 18’ high with a steel ceiling suspended in a pagoda-like structure, surrounded by a halo of fire dishes.

Inverted fire, trapped against the ceiling, moves, dancing one molecule thick

like a thing alive struggling between the laws of physics and the lure of magic, creating a mesmerizing, caramel, silk sheet, aurora borealis experience that just is extraordinary.

Brought you to by the same team that created:  The Hope Flower and Venus FlytrapHolding Flame and Fire in Balance 2014.

Our crew of volunteers is thrilled to be fabricating and sharing this warm experience for the chilly citizens of Black Rock City and we could use your help.  We are buying a lot of steel, pipe and fittings and a crazy amount of propane. Renting trucks, and driving 1100 miles.

Support this project with a donation, and together, we’ll warm your Playa nights with the molten, mesmerizing blaze of Fire in Balance IN THE ROUND.

A project of this size is not created by one person and requires the continued encouragement and support from the larger community.  Please support this project with a donation to our Indiegogo campaign.